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Income Verification Request

If you need a letter verifying the monthly retirement income paid to you by Pacific Life under a group annuity contract, please contact Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534.

We will prepare a letter documenting the amount we paid to you. This letter will be sent to your mailing address or, if you have directed us to do so, to a 3rd party. These requests will be completed within 48 hours.

If you have forms that you would like us to complete verifying your monthly retirement income, please mail or fax them to:

Pacific Life Insurance Company – Retirement Solutions Division
Retirement Annuities
777 Research Drive
Lincoln, NE 68521

PH: (800) 800-9534
Fax: (402) 479-0102

Reporting a Death

When an annuitant passes away, notifying Pacific Life is an important step to take. As the payer of monthly retirement benefits, it is important for us to change our records. This can include transferring a retirement benefit to the deceased’s spouse in a timely manner, stopping payments so the family does not have to reconcile overpayments, or assuring that appropriate death benefits are paid.

Please call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534 to notify us of a death and we will work with you to determine the changes to be made. 

Annuity Quotes

Each group annuity contract is unique to the employer or plan sponsor who contracts with Pacific Life to provide retirement benefits for their employees.

The group annuity contract established by your employer or plan sponsor may have a variety of annuity/payment options and other provisions. This information is important for you to know in order to make an informed decision on when and in what form to receive your retirement benefit.

We will contact you approximately three months prior to your normal retirement date (which in most cases is age 65) with the necessary information and forms to be completed in order to begin receiving your benefits.

If you are interested in receiving an early retirement benefit, would like to know your annuity/payment options or have any other questions, please call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534

Annuity Certificates

An Annuity Certificate is issued to each annuitant receiving a retirement benefit paid by Pacific Life under a group annuity contract. This Certificate is evidence of your benefit and will outline the particular benefit information pertaining to your annuity.

Please review the Certificate and save it in a safe area.

If you need a duplicate of your Certificate, please call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534