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About Direct Deposit

Our electronic funds program puts your retirement payment directly into your account. Use the Direct Deposit Agreement form to enroll.

Some of the advantages of Direct Deposit:

  • Eliminates the possibility of lost or stolen checks.
  • Available at almost any bank or financial institution in the United States.
  • No more waiting in lines.
  • It is paperless.
  • Your money is safer and available to you faster.
  • Eliminates postal problems or delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Direct Deposit work?
A: By the first business day of each month, Pacific Life will electronically deposit your pension benefit into your bank account.

Q: How much will this service cost me?
A: There is no charge for Direct Deposit, it is free.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Complete the Direct Deposit Agreement form and return it to Pacific Life.

Q: Do I need to send Pacific Life anything else?
A: Yes, if your benefit will be deposited to your checking account, include a personal check marked “VOID” with your completed Direct Deposit Agreement form.

If your benefit will be deposited to your savings account, credit union or money market account, include a personal deposit slip from your respective account.

Q: How will I know my check was deposited?
A: Your regular bank statement will confirm, and you can also call the bank or check your online bank account.

Q: Can I still have deductions from my check if I elect Direct Deposit?
A: Yes, Pacific Life will continue withholding from your check and deposit the net amount into your bank account.

Q: What if I change banks?
A: Complete a new Direct Deposit Agreement form and send it to Pacific Life, along with a check from the new bank marked “VOID”.

Q: If I don’t understand how to complete the form, what do I do?
A: You can contact your bank or call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534.

Lost Checks

If your retirement check is lost in the mail or misplaced:

  • Please wait until the 10th business day of the month before calling Pacific Life to report that you have not received your check. This is the earliest date on which we can place a stop-payment on your check and reissue it to you.
  • If it has been 10 business days, please call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534 and we will place a stop-payment on the original check and issue a new one to you.
  • If the original check is found, please do not cash it. A stop payment will have been issued and the check will not be valid. You may cash the new replacement check when it is received.

If you have Direct Deposit and your account has not been credited by the first of the month, please call Pacific Life Customer Service at (800) 800-9534.